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In a Corvette, every trip is an ADVENTURE!

Acadia Region Corvette Club

The idea for the Acadia Region Corvette Club (ARCC) came about in October 2007 when six friends met for dinner at one of the area’s fine restaurants. The three couples—all avid Corvette enthusiasts—decided that it was time our DownEast region had its own Corvette club. The first exploratory meeting of hopefuls took place in January of 2008 at what was then Morrison’s Chevrolet dealership in Ellsworth. With the support of Morrison’s, these friends, along with others they thought would be interested in a local Corvette club, continued to meet over the next several months to discuss the purpose of the club they envisioned, suggest prospective members, identify events that members might want to attend, suggest appropriate names for the club, and choose an Interim President (Doug Lee) to get the club organized and functional.

The next meeting was on February 5, 2008—again, at Morrison’s Chevrolet—at which thirteen members witnessed the birth of the ARCC when the first order of business was voting on a club name. After considering several alternatives, the group decided that “Acadia Region Corvette Club” best reflected where most prospective members would live… and that it made for a pleasing and easy-to-say acronym. Other decisions that day included settling on a final draft of club bylaws, establishing our fiscal year (March 1st to the end of February), creating a member information form and agreeing on member guidelines, and choosing a regular meeting place and schedule.

By the end of February 2008, there were 26 Corvette enthusiasts who had expressed interest in joining a local club. On the 4th of March, fifteen of them met at Morrison's Chevrolet to settle on general club policies and practices, review the Articles of Incorporation, and approve club bylaws. Attendees also outlined tasks and responsibilities for normal monthly business meetings that would commence the following month. The Acadia Region Corvette Club was off and running with Doug Lee remaining as interim President until the first annual meeting in October.

From the beginning, club members knew they wanted to be involved with a worthy charity. One of our early members suggested we “adopt” Sarah's House of Maine, a “cancer hospitality house that helps people get the cancer care they need, changes lives, and helps save lives.” We continue to be proud of our support to this wonderful organization.

ARCC membership grew slowly but steadily over the years. Word of mouth and our annual Corvette Autumn car show are the two key factors that continue to drive our growth. Today, the ARCC has over 60 members with cars covering all Corvette generations. We are sponsored by Darling's Chevrolet on the DownEast Highway in Ellsworth, Maine.

If you are a Corvette enthusiast, come join us! No need to have a car of your own, just a love for America's great sportscar. Click on the link below to download the PDF membership application form and instructions.

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